Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Three day weekends mean lots of time for awesome playdates! On Sunday, we had a great playdate with Jen and her daughter, Sydney (and her son, Noah, but at just a couple months old, he's not that into playing yet...he prefers napping).

Look at these two Valentines!

They kept driving their cars into the corner and then just staying there until we turned them around!

Sydney is the sweetest. Unlike Marino, who currently responds "NO" to everything you ask, Sydney says "yeah" to most things, and she says it so seriously, like she really means it. So sweet!

Look at that smile!

Jen was making faces to get them to smile and Marino is trying to imitate her in this picture. He likes trying funny faces, ala "sass."

On Monday, we had a playdate with my friends from work, Miriam and Monica. Interestingly, Miriam and Monica both worked for me when I first started at my current job (although Miriam got a promotion in our department right when I started and Monica got a promotion a year or so later). We all had baby boys within a 13 month period! This was the first time we have managed to all get together with the babes (Monica is now a SAHM, lucky!!).

Here's Monica's baby Vincent (5 months). How cute is he?

This is the only picture we could manage of the 4 of them: Kanye (Monica's older son, 6 years old), Marino (eyes closed), Vincent (asleep) and Matthew (Miriam's son, almost a year old).

Kanye is so awesome at being a big brother! He was great with all the kids and is such a sweetie!

Here's Kanye, Marino, Matthew and Monica.

See how sweet he is?

Monica and her new baby boy

So sweet!

Brotherly love! These two are going to look just alike!

Matthew is getting so big! Look at all that hair!

It was great to get a chance to visit with everyone this weekend. Marino is so lucky to have so many special friends (so am I)!

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww *tears* I am happy to have you and Marino in my life too!! Kanye had so much fun with Marino...luv yall!!!!