Monday, February 8, 2010

snOMG 2010!!

Ok, enough with the snow already! It was a novelty the first couple storms, but this weekend we got 30 inches of snow. 30 inches, folks! That's a lot, even by my upstate NY "snow is no biggie" standards.

It was a blessing in disguise, of sorts, however, since apparently I have c.diff again and was sick all weekend (and still am sick). It's a good thing I didn't have to go anywhere, because, um, I couldn't. If you're keeping count, this is the FIFTH TIME I've had c.diff in 19 months. The last time was in September. I've really just had it. I didn't even call the on-call GI doctor (they're still not in the office because of the snow), I just started taking Vanco this morning. Tomorrow I'll call my GI doc and get a game plan. Honestly, there's not much I wouldn't do at this point to not have to worry about this infection coming back again. Just the fear of it coming back impacts my life (anxiety) and when I actually have it, I can't function normally. It's even more frustrating knowing that I got it because of a completely avoidable mistake. I went to see a MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist) in December (one day I will be brave and post that story) and he told me the whole reason the doctors gave me antibiotics after I had Marino was that they thought my incision was infection because it was oozing. It was oozing because I was in DIC, so I was loosing fluids and blood from everywhere inside of my body. So, had an MRI been done initially, they would have seen it wasn't an infection, I wouldn't have been given antibiotics and I would have never gotten c.diff in the first place (you can only get it if a. you're on antibiotics, so your good bacteria are decreased b. you're exposed to it, which is hard to avoid in the hospital and c. you have a weakened immune system). Anyway, it's even harder to swallow knowing the whole thing was avoidable and now this infection is the bain of my existence.

Now that I got that rant out of the way, here's what you all came here of the boy (and the snow).

This is our backyard Saturday morning (it was still snowing).

Front yard on late Saturday afternoon (no more snow after this).

Evan made Marino his first "snow shake" (snow, milk, sugar and vanilla extract). He wasn't that into it... he took 2 sips and said "all done"
Daddy and Marino made a card for Grammy Deb's birthday
My aunt gave me this play tent as a hand-me-down from my cousin Clare. This was the perfect weekend to use it (and it has a very appropriate igloo theme).
Sunday, we all went over to Grammy Deb's to watch the game/celebrate her birthday. Marino loved the singing happy birthday part, but he was weirded out by these sparkler candles.

When I asked him if he was rooting for the Saints or the Colts, he said "Colts." My sister-in-law convinced him otherwise by the end of the night.
Max, trying to get some food (yes, he needed a sweater, did you see all the snow?)
Marino ate pizza for the first time - he loved it! He kept going back to Evan saying "bite?"

Side eye to anyone getting too close to his pizza...
We were very lucky that we all had off today. There's no way I could have gone to work with my belly acting the way it is, so it was a blessing to have off. Tomorrow, I do have to go to work (Marino and Evan will be home still), so I'm hoping I can make it and not have to take a sick day.
Thoughts and prayers for the end of this c.diff are welcome (as are any unique suggestions for how to get rid of it for good, if anyone has any).

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