Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sunshine and Family

Sunday, we took a trip up to Hagerstown to visit Miranda, Pacey and Baby Addie. My Aunt Kerry, cousin Sam, and surrogate family members Patti and Madelyn came, too.
We were lucky enough to have a beautiful, sunshiney day and the kids got a chance to run around outside.

Pacey and Marino play so well together. Look at these two buddies:

Marino eating and falling asleep at the same time.
Pacey sharing the love - hugs for Madelyn
Three amigos - they all love cars!
Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!
Patti and Baby Addie

We found an empty bird's nest on the ground and showed it to the kids.

Pacey then declared "IT HAS BUGS ON IT!!" and dropped it the ground. My comedian son picked it up and screamed "AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH THERE'S BUGS" and then looked at us and laughed. "I kidding" he said.
He then had the brilliant idea that he and Pacey should use sticks to examine the nest rather than their hands. Here he is giving Pacey an examination tool.
Ready to check it out!
These two were so happy to be outside and running around!
Marino pushing Madelyn on the swing (he prefers pushing to riding in the swing).
Madelyn and Patti

Sam and Marino playing in the window.
When we got home, Evan and I took Max and Marino for a walk around the lake. We're all really looking forward to Spring!

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