Monday, February 28, 2011

Marino's Room

Marino's "big" Christmas gift from Evan and I was converting his baby room into a big boy room. We decided on a transportation theme, since he loves trucks, cars, planes and trains.

My mom got him a train table for Christmas and it is his favorite thing in the world. He actually calls his room "my train room", even though the train table is the only train related thing in the room. He absolutely loves it and could play with it for hours.

Some of the wall decorations - a personalized street scene.
An alphabet print with a transportation theme.
Airplanes flying towards the ceiling.
Redskins banner, poster collage frame with pictures of Marino with friends and family.
Lightning McQueen bed. The quilt on the bed was made by my friend Sonia's mother when Marino was born. The center panel says "Marino's Aquarium" and each panel has a different sea creature. We absolutely love it - it was such a special gift.

The rocking chair is called "Gramma Chair", since my mom likes to rock Marino in it:)

The street rug was another gift from my mom. The curtains are black out curtains, necessary because the sun in the room is really bright at nap time. On the wall is a "moon in my room" and an ocean scene that Aunt Chelle got for Marino.

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