Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catalina is 3!

This gorgeous cherub girl below? She turned three the weekend before last!
Marino and I went to NJ to celebrate her birthday with her and her friends at My Gym.
Marino had an AWESOME time at the party! He was running, jumping and climbing like a crazy man and happy as a clam!

Playing with Siena
Climbing sisters
Such a sweetie!

The birthday girl - how cute is that skirt?

This girl loves to climb!

All of Cat's friends (minus Marino, who was not in the mood for picture taking)

Cat and her cake

Catalina is the most gracious 3 year old ever! While opening the presents we gave her, she kept saying things like "Oh, is this a craft? What a great gift!" "It's Angelina [Ballerina, her favorite], I don't believe it!"

Marino and Cat are adorable together. After her party, she told us "Marino is my first boy ever." "What does that mean?" Sonia asked, "Your first boyfriend ever?". "Yes. He's so cute. I really like him", she told us. They ended up staying awake until 10PM playing together (very nicely) and then asking if they could sleep together. They settled for letting Cat tuck us into bed.

Can't wait to see our friends again next month!

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