Friday, February 11, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Tuesday it was super windy. When we went out in the morning, Marino said "It's windy windy. The wind is touching your hair!"

4. Marino and I always pretend like the Ghostlight (from Cars/Mater) is coming to get us. Wednesday night in the bath he pretended the Ghostlight was coming and said "Save me, Mommy!" I put my hand on his back and launched into a three minute tirade against the pretend Ghostlight. One of the (12000) things I said was "You can't have my baby! He's mine!" After I was done, Marino said "Save me again. Say I'm your baby again. Say I'm yours again". Of all the things I said, how adorable is it that he picked up on those things and wanted to hear them again?

3. Wednesday night, Marino woke up and came in my room as I was going to bed. "Koko is scared of the owl!" he told me (Koko is a character from Chuggington - referred to as "Chuggingtrain" in our house - and I have no idea if there is an episode about an owl because Chuggington makes me want to stab my eyeballs). "Owls are not scary" I said. "Owls are our friends, they watch out for us at night." "Owls are not scary?" Marino asked, "Okay, Koko feels better now."

2. Our dog's birthday was this week. Marino and I were discussing this on the way home from work/school and he sang a rendition of "Happy Birthday to my Maxis" (adorable). I told him I had gotten a special treat for Max and that we would give it to him when we got home. "Is it cake?" he asked. "No, dogs can't eat cake; it makes them sick", I said. After a minute he replied "I eat the cake?"

1. The majority of Marino's friends are girls, so it's always fun to see him interact with little boys. At daycare, he has 2 friends that are four-year-old boys. The things they discuss are so funny. One day they were pretending to be dinosaurs, which inevitably led to a debate about who is "the biggest dinosaur" ("NO, I'M THE BIGGEST DINOSAUR!!!!!"). Today at breakfast, they were having a lengthy conversation about Go, Diego, Go ("I have a rescue pack", "I'm an animal rescuer").

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