Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunny Days

I am way behind on the blog, so bear with me - lots of pictures in this post! The weekend before last, Evan, Marino and I headed out to Guapos at the Rio to celebrate some of our friends birthdays. My camera battery died, but my friend Gina captured some great shots (I really love this one of Marino and I).

Melanie (one of the birthday girls, who is headed to basic training soon) and sister Crystal, getting in the celebratory mood... After we ate, we headed across the lake to the playground at the Rio. I never knew this playground existed, but it is a very cool one, and is almost entirely fenced in, which I appreciate.

After we got home, my cousin Miranda came by with her daughters and my Aunt Kerry and cousin Sam. Marino was very excited to show his cousin Pacey his big boy room - they had a lot of fun in there! Can I just say how surreal it is when Marino has friends come over and they disappear in his room to play by themselves? When did my boy grow up?!

Pacey likes to wrestle, so she and Marino are a good match!

The next morning, Miranda and the girls and our family friend, Patti, and her daughter Madelyn came over to play. It was reasonably warm (we probably have low standards as a result of cabin fever), so we headed outside to the playground and the lake to run around. The kids had a great time...it's so cool to see how much fun children have just running around outside.

This sitting didn't last long.

Marino likes swings again this year (he hated them last spring/summer). Madelyn and Marino checking things out at the lake.

Madelyn likes swings, too.

Looking forward to many more warm days and playdates soon!

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  1. Those pictures of the two of you are just precious! So nice when mommy gets in the shots. :)