Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mommy and Mino's Big Abenture - Part 3

On the last day of our adventure, we headed to Sprout Creek Farm in Lagrange. Sprout Creek is a working farm with lots of cool events, including teaching opportunities for kids and opportunities for adults to stay over and learn about farm life. They also have a small shop where you can sample their homemade cheese. My mom and Ray and Sonia and Cat met us there. The kids loved seeing the animals and running around.
The cows were trying to stay warm - it was pretty chilly.

We eventually got in big trouble with the nuns that run the place for this...Marino chasing the guinea hens. It was not malicious.

How cute is Cat?
The shop on the farm (fresh meat, milk, cheese, organic soaps)

Important discussion about where to run next

Ray made friends with the goats
They were very cute (and very itchy)

Marino kept telling the chickens "Don't go! Stay with me!"

After a nap and an early dinner with Gramma and Grampa Ray, Marino and I headed home to see Daddy and Max. Can't wait for our next adventure!

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