Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mommy and Mino's Big Abenture - Part 1

Marino and I went on a road trip Thursday through Sunday of last week. I had been telling Marino that we were going on an adventure, which he took to calling "abenture". He was very excited about it, although he kept expecting Diego to show up for the adventure.

Our first stop was in Long Island, to visit my friend Kim and her daughter, Charlotte, who is now 11 months old.

What a cutie!
Marino was hysterical with Kim's dogs. One was small, which he immediately loved and kept saying things like "little dog wants to sit with me" "I want to hold little dog".

The bigger dog (lab) totally scared him for the first 30 minutes, and then he decided he loved her, too. At one point he was in the kitchen petting them both at the same time, saying "It's okay guys, it's okay."

We had dinner at this amazing restaurant in Oakdale, NY called Mama's. Of course, New York has amazing Italian food, but this place also has amazing gluten-free Italian food, including gluten-free pasta, bread, pizza and cannolis. I had the Ziti Montanara and it was unbelievably delicious!!

My friend Cheryl and her son Calibur came to dinner with us, too. Marino and Calibur got along great - they bonded over a love of dinosaurs and pretending to fall on the ground. It was pretty adorable. The boys are only 4 months apart.

Calibur really loves his dinosaurs!

Kim's dog Siena became Marino's number 1 fan when he started sneaking her table food! Doesn't he look guilty?

It was rainy in the morning, so we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. Marino had never been before. Interestingly, he thought all the "rides" were scary, except this horse ride. He kept saying "I want to catch that horse".

Charlotte "driving" a truck.
Kim and Charlotte
Pretty girls!

Kim lives just a few blocks from the beach. Marino was sooo excited to see the water.

It really is gorgeous there.
Kim and Marino (it was very windy).
Happy Charlotte
Crab shell - I was very excited to find this!
"I want to jump in those big waves"

"I see the big waves crash!"
They have a playground right next to the shore. How cool is that?
From the beach, we left to visit my parents in Poughkeepsie. What should have been a 2 and a half hour trip ended up taking 4.5 hours! All of the roads that would have been direct routes from NYC to Poughkeepsie were closed due to flooding. It was definately an ordeal. When we finally got there, we went to visit my mom at work. Marino was wired and took to running up and down the halls of her office.
Then we headed over to my dad's house, where we had a visit from Bernadette and her boyfriend, Jay.
After dinner, my dad read Marino some new books. How cute are they?

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