Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Updates...

On Tuesday, Evan, Marino and I got a chance to visit Sandra, Ishmael and Baby AJ. He's changed so much since we last saw him! He's adorable, as you can see here...
What's better than an aunt visiting? 2 aunts visiting! Here's a picture of Marino visiting with both of his aunts (Richelle and Rianne) last night. Marino is a lucky boy.
Marino has been standing for longer and longer periods of time independently. Both last night and tonight, he stood on his own for 10 seconds! Unfortunately, the toe standing/cruising continues. One day we will laugh about it, I'm sure. In the meantime, can the whole world (not all you wonderful people reading this blog, of course) stop asking me "Is he walking yet?" and then pull the sad face when I say no?!! Seriously, I get asked that a MINIMUM of half a dozen times a day. And I really don't want to hear about how your kid was walking at 7 months or whatever, ok? The average age for walking is 10-18 months so until January, get off my back. Marino's non-walking certainly isn't due to a lack of effort on either of our parts. I don't need further doubt put in my head about Marino's development; I already spend a significant part of my day with a furrowed brow over that very topic. If you all could pass that message on to the rest of the world, I would appreciate it!!

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