Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just a Few Cute Pics

I wish I had some exciting stories to tell about this past weekend, but the truth is, I am still not feeling myself, so we had a pretty uneventful weekend. Sleep training is still going well. Last night I put him down awake and he went to sleep in 2 minutes...tonight he fussed for about 10 minutes and then went to sleep.

So, until I have something new to tell you, I'll leave you with a few pictures Evan took of Marino eating his favorite food: Mama's homemade mac, cheese & broccolli.


  1. marino is adorable! he always looks so happy.

    yay for sleep training... it will save so much headache and heartbreak down the road. )my nephew is 2 and they're still fighting him on it because they're not consistent.) are you using a particular method or school of thought? i'm interested to find out what works.

  2. Thank you:)
    The post below this one has some more detail on our method. Basically we let him CIO, but we are in the room with him, pretending that we are sleeping. That way he doesn't feel alone and he thinks it's bedtime for everyone. We also started putting a soft blanket (which he sleeps on instead of wanting it over him) and we put a lovey in there (a stuffed dog that we slept with for a few days so it smells like us). These things really only work for an older baby, of course. But so far, it's been a lot easier than I was expecting, once we committed to toughing it out.