Monday, August 10, 2009

Beach Babies!

On Friday, Marino and I took our first solo road trip to New Jersey to visit Sonia, Cat and Wil. We ran into some traffic and we had to make one stop on the way there so I could play with Marino (he was bored and cranky). It definately could have been much worse!

When we got to New Jersey, Marino and Cat had some good play time. Cat was sooo excited to see Marino; it was really adorable. Here's a picture from the playground we went to on Friday. It had little pieces of rubber which is a great idea...but not for babies who still pop everything in their mouths! Marino put a piece in his mouth and while I was trying to pull it out, it got further back in his mouth! Luckily, Sonia is an expert at this, and she just pushed him forward, popped him on the back, and out it came. He was upset and we were all a little scared. I definately will not miss the "chew everything" phase when it comes to an end! Here's Sonia with Marino and Cat (Sonia is now 28 weeks pregnant...Baby Siena is coming in October!).

Here's Marino in Aunt Sonia's wonderful backyard. There are pools, water tables, castles to climb, beautiful grass, chipmunks and even delicious cherry tomatoes! I love her puts mine to shame!
Other people's toys are so exciting!!
Both Cat and Marino kept trying to drink out of the bubble bottle.

Beach day!

On Saturday, Sonia, Cat, Marino and I went to the beach at Ocean Grove. Rachel met us there which was is a rare event for all of us to get together twice in a month!! The beach was very nice although it got pretty crowded. It was a perfect beach day...not too hot, no clouds and a slight breeze. The kids loved it!

Cat and Marino, playing on the beach.

Happy guy in the sand!

Momo and Aunt Rachel (note his sand beard from eating sandy Puffs all day).

While we were at the beach, we all sent our significant others out to have fun. Sonia's husband went to Atlantic City, Rachel's boyfriend went to a party and Evan went to the Redskins training camp for Fan Appreciation Day with a couple of his friends. Since I started this blog after football season, I haven't discussed this yet, but Evan is OBSESSED with the Redskins (I'm sure I will mention this again during football season). Here is a picture of him goofing around at the training camp.
Sleep training update:
I am very happy to say that sleep training is still going really well. He is now sleeping through the night half the time and the other half the time he wakes up once in the middle of the night but falls back asleep within a few minutes. He even slept through the night one of the nights we were at Sonia's house! Last night was a little more difficult than most (20 minutes of crying at bedtime) but we had a very busy weekend with lots of changes, not to mention the heat index was over 100, so I think he may have just been overstimulated. I used to dread putting him to bed at night, since I never knew when he would wake up and scream for me to hold him, but things are much more calm and predictable now and I think we are all a lot happier.

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