Friday, August 14, 2009

NMR - Perspective

(this is NMR: Not Marino Related)
Those of you who know me well know I am a "glass half empty" kind of girl. Looking at the bright side of things is not my area of expertise (Evan handles that job around our house). One of the more petty things I get bummed about these days is the shape of my body. I have been heavier at other points in my life, but not in quite the same way as I am now. I was also in good shape for several years before I got pregnant, so it's been that much more difficult to adjust to having a different shape and size. While I am generally pretty self-depricating, occassionally I have moments of clarity. This afternoon I was taking a body sculpting class (my third one this week) and I had this revelation at how amazing my body really is. A year ago I almost died. Organs shut down. Blood escaped and pooled in places inside me it doesn't belong. Bacterias invaded my insides and almost won their battle to take over. Those 2 weeks I spent in the hospital, I could never even imagine that today my body could do all the same things it could do before I got pregnant. I can distinctly remember thinking that there was no way I would ever be the same again physically and yet, here I am. So,while I would love to be a size 4 again, it was nice to put in perspective today: I AM ALIVE AND I AM HEALTHY.

Disclaimer: tomorrow I will likely wake up complaining about being fat again...

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  1. Sara this post really hit home with me...I have obsessed over my weight almost my entire life. It seems since everything happened I have stopped obsessing because I just wasn't sure it was worth it to worry about it anymore, afterall it seemed like there were so many more important things to worry about. But recently I looked at a pic of me before I was pregnant and could not believe that I thought I was fat, I really am. So, I bit the bullet and bought a treadmill today...going to try and walk some of this extra weight off, it now feels like it's time to start thinking of me a little bit. So I guess I am ready to start obsessing about my weight again ::sigh::