Monday, August 24, 2009

Pictures! Video!

You know what the last few posts have been missing? PICTURES! and VIDEOS!

Here are a few....this picture my Aunt Sally took the weekend before last at the family picnic.

Favorite cousins...
Um, do you see this hug around the neck? Too much cuteness!!

These pictures my friend Gina took at her twins' 4th birthday party on Saturday. Since I am usually the one taking the pictures, it's rare I have pictures of me doing my favorite thing...
being a mama:)

Did you notice I am wearing the same shirt one week apart? I swear, I am such a creature of habit. I probably put that shirt on every Saturday without even realizing it.

My mom and Ray came fron NY this weekend to visit us (ok, let's get serious, they came to visit Marino). On Sunday, Evan and I spent the whole day tubing in West Virginia with friends, so Marino hung with Grandma and Grandpa Ray all day.

And here is a tiny video of some zombie steps.

He took many more coordinated steps today, but none of them while I was holding the camera. He even took 5 steps over to Max, grabbed his tail, and then took 2 more steps holding his tail! It was pretty awesome!

Now, that I showed you some happy stuff, here's the bad news...the boy has ANOTHER SKIN INFECTION. Remember he had one last month? Well, it's back and it's ugly. Luckily, I knew right away what it was this time, so I just showed up on our pediatrician's door step Saturday morning and begged her to see me. He's back on antibiotics (oral and topical). We also have an arsenal of new products to try and we are also going to try Evening Primrose Oil (orally). I really hate eczema!

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