Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Allergies/Worries

Last week, I took Marino to the allergist to go over his updated labs for food allergies. We had agreed to avoid shellfish and nuts until he was 3 and then do a blood test before giving him those foods, since they are such common allergens (I have a shellfish allergy myself).

Honestly, I was less concerned about nuts than I was about shellfish.

Unfortunately, we found some new allergies.

The most surprising was a moderate allergy (RAST score of .8) to sesame. Marino has been exposed to sesame on a regular basis - he eats hummus several times a week. In doing some research on it, I found that sesame allergy symptoms can be insidious, sometimes manifesting as unexplained eczema or asthma flare ups. Obviously, I am now removing that from his diet and keeping tabs on hidden sesame oil other foods (like the Vietnamese food we love).

The other new allergy is a severe allergy to peanuts (RAST score of 6). While I feel like peanuts are the most well know of allergens, it still gives me another food to worry about. The allergist felt confident he would likely need an epi-pen shot if exposed to peanuts, so we will have to keep a close eye out for them.

Perhaps the most disappointing was that his RAST score for eggs jumped from a 44 to an 84. Now, keep in mind that his allergy to sesame with a RAST score of .8 is a moderate allergy. A RAST score of 84 is astronomical...the measurements stop at 100. The allergist tried to reassure me by saying the testing just captures a moment in time, and his score could be somewhat more or less if we tested another week. But he also said that with a score that high (and increasing rather than decreasing), if he outgrows the egg allergy it won't be in the near future.

This visit coincided with Marino's starting a new preschool next without nurses and with 3 times the number of kids in his class than where we were before. I am definitely concerned.

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