Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Boys

The boys and I had a lot more fun the week we were off together. Tuesday, we went to Ocean Dunes Waterpark in Arlington, VA. We all had a lot of fun and there was plenty there for both boys to stay entertained (and for me to stay cool).

Wednesday was a rainy day, so we headed to Port Discovery in Baltimore for the morning. It was sort of crazy there - there were several summer camps visiting and it was a little too crowded for Marino. Quintyn was having the time of his life in the tree house and Marino and I headed to the new section designed for kid's 3 and under. Ahhh...that section is like an oasis of calm!

Thursday, was our last day together (Friday morning Marino and I left for the beach; Quintyn left Friday night) so I gathered the boys to take some pictures. Quintyn is the only one who is pleasant for picture taking out of the 3!

Saying goodbye was tough. When we explained to Marino that Quintyn was going to be leaving, he refused to say goodbye or give him a hug and hid in the closet. He definitely seemed to understand the concept, since he told every stranger at the beach "My brother Quintyn went back to Iowa with his own mommy."

We definitely miss him a lot and hope to see him soon!

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