Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Love

The second weekend Quintyn was here, we had lots of quality family time. Saturday, we headed out to Winchester to visit with Gramma Deb and Aunt Chelle and Aunt RiRi, who just got back from a summer internship in India. We went to Wilson's Wild Animal Park in Winchester, which the kids enjoyed. The people there were very nice and the kids enjoyed feeding the animals.

After visiting the animals, we headed back to Gramma Deb's for a cookout. Auntie Jane (Evan's great aunt) came over with her grandkids and all the kids had fun playing together.

Family photo
Aunt Chelle, Quintyn, Evan, Marino, Gramma Deb & Aunt RiRi

On Sunday, Evan and the boys headed up to Philadelphia with Richelle and Rianne so they could visit the boy's great grandparents. Evan forgot to get pictures with Mom D, but here's one of Quintyn with Donna and PopPop.
and Quintyn with his great grandfather.
lots of family love this weekend!

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