Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun on a Rainy Day

Saturday was an awful weather day here; we had awful storms all day. Marino and I went to visit friends and had a great day indoors!

First we went to visit my friend Monica, who I haven't seen in almost a year! Her boys are getting so big and her oldest, Kanye, is the sweetest child on earth. He is amazingly good with Marino and he even drew a lovely portrait of me! He is a great big brother and says the funniest, most grown-up things. I hope Marino is this sweet at 7!

Vincent (20 months) and Kanye (7) - sweet brothers!

Monica was pretending to fall when they boys "hit" her...they thought it was the most hysterical game ever!
Hopefully we didn't teach Vincent any lasting bad habits, because he was really enjoying the game, too!

Later, we went to visit our friends Kristal and Gabby. Kristal is having her baby girl on Thursday morning! Gabby and Marino played well together (until Marino got crabby, as usual). She is such a doll - I love her little poses!!

I love this, even though the boy's eyes are closed!

Hoping for lots of playtime outside in the near future!

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