Friday, April 8, 2011

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. During dinner over the weekend, we sang "Old McDonald." Evan and I always pause at "and on this farm he had some..." to let Marino pick the animal. This time, he shouts out "CATSES". Evan and I just looked at each other ::crickets:: "Cactus?" we asked. "NO, catses! Meow" he said. Evan explained the plural of cat is cats and we went on with the song. The next animal he called out was "Sheepses".

4. At bedtime one night this week, Marino said "Mommy, I so proud of you." "Why?" I asked. " so big like the Backyardigans." ::gives me a big kiss on the lips::

3. The other day in the car, Marino and I were listening to music. I started dancing along and said "Dance, Marino!". "No, no, Stop dancing! You need to drive!" he said.

2. Thursday after work we started digging up the old dirt/mulch in our front yard so we can plant flowers this weekend. Marino LOVED digging. He was so serious about picking up the dirt and throwing it in the yard bag...he was working hard!

1. Marino has been spending a lot more time with little boys lately, and its effect is obvious. The other day, we went to the playground and met a new little girl and her dog. She asked Marino what his name was and he said "I SuperMino. I fly like Superman" and put his fist in the air to fly.

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