Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last Halloween didn't turn out the way I expected, but this Halloween made up for it! Sunday, Evan, Marino and I went to Jen's house to watch the Redskins game and celebrate Halloween. we had a wonderful time and this Halloween was a blast! Jen really did a great job of making it a special day for everybody (the guys and the kids alike).

In the afternoon, the kids were pretty excited for Halloween. Can you tell?

We walked over to Nalls Produce. They had some Halloween fun there - pumpkins to climb on, tunnels to go through and face painting. They were also giving out juice and trick or treating bags. The employees there were extremely nice to the kids.

Bella, Sydney and Marino = the three amigos

Sydney - always a sweetie!

Juliana, Sydney, Bella and Justin (my child is missing - he is not usually compliant for picture taking)

Jen and Syd - twins!

All the kids dressed up - ready for trick or treating!

We brought Max to Jen's with us because we thought he might have a heart attack if we left him alone with trick or treaters walking by the house. He was AWESOME when we were trick or treating! Lots of strange kids wanted to pet him, and he was loving all the attention. He'll be wearing a costume next year (this year we just put him in his bomber jacket as Marino's wingman).
Initially, Marino was confused about what was happening with the trick or treating.
Once he caught on, he was VERY enthusiastic!
This is the "scary house". The owner of this house converted his garage until this very cool walk-through haunted house (this is just the yard). It was pretty amazing - it must have cost a couple thousand dollars to set this thing up, with black lights, strobe lights, liquid smoke, etc. Marino went through with Evan once and came to tell me about "the scary house." I had to see for myself and he came with me a second time. Forget it. He's talked about nothing but "the scary house" since Sunday!!
Marino was hustling all the candy givers! He would stand at the door and say "trick or treat" over and over to get extra candy. If he saw someone else in the house, he would stick his head in and yell "trick or treat", assuming everyone had candy. I got lots of compliments on his "enterprising" spirit.

Noah was not into his costume but he thought his dad was pretty funny!
Our family trick or treating
This was my first time trick or treating in, oh, twenty years. I had a new perspective experiencing it for the first time as a parent. There were many older people (presumably grandparents) who really went all out to decorate and give the kids hands full of candy. There were quite a few families who seemed genuinely excited to see the kids and let them "be kids" (ie: touch the decorations, grab an extra candy, etc). It was just nice to see people truly enjoying the experience, from both sides. I know, being a mom makes you sappy, what can I say?

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