Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Raiden Turns 2!

We had another busy and fun weekend. Saturday morning, I took Marino to a Storyime/Hike at Croydon Creek Nature Center. I'd never been there before but it's really nice. The center has different tanks of indigenous fish and turtles which Marino really liked. They also have an adorable owl. The naturalist read a story about squirrels and told us some squirrel facts. On the hike, we were searching for squirrels in the trees, and squirrel food (acorns). The grounds are gorgeous, with clearly marked trails. Marino was not interested in sitting still for the story, or doing anything I wanted him to do during the hike. We're supposed to walk? He wanted me to carry him. He's supposed to stand still? He wanted to run. He's supposed to stay on the trail? He's running off the trail and tripping on branches. ::sigh:: If we go again, I'll ask Evan to come with us...it was a really cool idea but a 2 person job. I was definately getting pity looks from the other parents.
After a nap, we headed over to Flower Hill for Raiden's 2nd birthday party. Ahmad and Donna were in town with their kids and we all had a great time. It was still very hot, so we hung out outside (which I am paying for now with bug bites!). Raiden had a new sister at his birthday party! Baby Kaia is 2 weeks old.
Here's a shot of Rahsaan and Tara and their whole blended family. They have six kids between them! And Tara is still tiny!!

Evan with some of the boys: Marino, Jahvon and Raiden

We attempted some groups shots, but it was a little too complicated. Rahsaan and Ahmad's mom was snapping these pictures laughing at all of us.

Raiden was totally in awe of his Star Wars cookie cake!

Rahsaan and his new baby girl.
Baby Kaia
My boy. I love this shirt - it was a present from Aunt Sonia.

Raiden and Tony - the serious boys.

Marino and Raiden had a little race with their lawn mowers (which were more difficult to turn on the grass than you would imagine).
Then Marino started cheating.
Big time cheating!

The birthday boy!

Sunday we went over to Sandra and Ishmael's house to watch the Redskins game. It took Tony a while, but he finally decided he likes us:) He and Marino were even playing "gotcha" by the end of the evening, which was very adorable.

How adorable is he?

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