Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Fall Festival

After keeping Marino home since Tuesday evening when he started getting sick, we were ready to get out of the house by Saturday. We determined he had Roseola and by Saturday the rash was on its second day and he was fever-less for 24 hours. So we met up with Jen and her family at Cox Farms in Virginia. We went last year on opening weekend and had a great time. This year we had great weather but, unfortunately, a very cranky boy. Luckily, there are many more fall festivals to attend - I love them all!

We did have some fun, in spite of the crankiness. We went down slides, pet some goats, walked through the corn maze and got to visit with our friends in the sunshine.

Marino wore his new Halloween initial shirt, made by my buddy Jill.

Sydney was dressed festive as well.

Sydney and her Daddy going down the tunnel slide
Evan channeling his Iowa days...
Marino and Daddy in the corn maze (can you tell the boy is cranky?)
He really liked this ant (I think it reminded him of his current favorite movie "A Bug's Life")
Sliding down a frog tongue
Sydney and her big brother, Justin, following the yellow brick road

Skipping down the yellow brick road with Daddy
Noah, checking out the scene
Sydney and Jen taking a break
Sliding with Daddy
And sliding on his own (he looked terrified but wanted to go again)
Group shot - Jen and I with the kids...I love how Syd is eating her apple here!
Close up - Marino was super cranky (he passed out 3 minutes later)
Checking out the view from the goat's house

Petting a very pregnant goat. Marino was being very gentle.

Feeding a goat with Daddy.

Matt with Noah and Sydney
"Daddy, feeding a goat is so cool!"

Sliding with Mommy

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