Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Swim Class

Marino and I have been going to Aquatots swim class for the past 6 weeks. Sunday was our last class and Daddy joined us for the fun. The first class, Marino was really nervous and asked to eat the whole class (trying to get us to leave). By the second class, he loved it! My plan is to keep him swimming year round so he doesn't get afraid every season.

Here he is working on blowing bubbles with Daddy.

Practicing kicking and "scoop scoop"ing his arms
His favorite part of swimming - jumping into the water
Love love this picture!
"Floating" practice


  1. Those are awesome shots, especially the one with Evan smiling. And that is a very cool pool.

  2. How cool! Cammie starts lessons on July 12th and I'm excited.
    We did Mommy & Me last year...but this year, I have to sit on the other side of a one way mirror....augh!!!!!!