Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I can't believe summer is over! We had such a great summer (particularly compared with last summer, where we spent all our time at the hospital or locked in the house). We had a very busy, fun-filled Labor Day weekend, the last summer weekend:(

Friday after work, Evan took Marino to his first football game. Evan's cousin Sam is an awesome football player in his senior year of high school, so Evan took Marino to see him play. As you can see, he was trying to get Marino in the spirit in the car...

Here's Marino watching the game with Grammy Deb and having a bottle.

Sammy is #21

Saturday, we got some of our friends and the kids together for a picnic at Wheaton Regional Park.

Here's Brian trying to teach Marino how to catch a football.

Can you believe Aaron is pulling up to stand already? He's only 6 months!

Russell with Kaylee and Marino

Marino, Aaron and Raiden in the baby jail

Rahsaan, Gina and Evan at the park

Crystal and Brian

Evan cracking up...Marino is going to town on the watermelon. He freaked when I tried to take the rind away...I think he would eat the skin if I let him!

Mama and Marino getting ready to ride the little train

Kristal and Gabrielle on the train

Marino and Gabby enjoying their train ride

On Sunday morning, Evan, Marino and I got up early and drove to Asbury Park beach to visit with Sonia, Wil and Catalina. As you can see, it wasn't the greatest beach day. It was very windy and the waves made it unsafe for swimming. But we had a good time playing in the sand and visiting.

Here's Cat, braving the wind.

Evan and Marino - I love this picture!

Cat and Marino playing ball

Sonia and Cat trying to stay warm!

We got a chance to meet Brandon (below with Marino) and his parents, Karen and Stu, at the beach. Karen and I are on the same Preemies message board and since Brandon and Marino were born only 2 days apart, we've been chatting for a while. It was great to meet all of them and very cool to see Brandon and Marino play together. Brandon is ADORABLE!!

Marino has a beatnik beard made from sand in these pictures. Scat!
Marino did great at the beach - he was even walking on the sand, which is not easy!
Daddy and Marino checking out the waves (they were big!!)
I love this one, too!

You know how there are some things in life that make you smile from the inside out? Watching Cat and Marino playing does that for me...I just love to see this!
Isn't Cat precious?!

Marino's walking improved immensely over the weekend, and he was walking from room to room at Sonia's house! As you can see, walking does bring with it some new challenges for Mama....
Of course, Cat and Marino played with one of their mutual favorite toys: the water table.
And then Cat decided Marino needed a sponge bath after getting so sandy at the beach!

This morning, Marino woke up the whole house and then we went to breakfast. Cat and Marino did a good job of entertaining each other (not so much at keeping food off the floor).
Here's a short video of Marino walking. As you can see, he's gotten a lot sturdier - he's not just stumbling forward anymore (in case you're wondering why he's pantsless - he walks much better when he doesn't have pants getting in the way!).


  1. Cam & Evan walk better without pants on too. We put jeans on them this weekend and it did not go over well at all. They felt like they were trapped. They're not fond of socks and shoes either.

  2. Aahhh! He's walking so well!! Loved the haircut video too. SUCH a cute boy!!