Thursday, September 3, 2009

1st Haircut

This morning, after realizing the back of Marino's head was full of knots and matted hair, I gave in to what Evan has been requesting for weeks: a haircut for Marino. We took him to Cartoon Cuts and he was completely unfazed by the experience. The hairdresser kept saying "he's such a happy boy!" I don't let him watch tv at home, so he was pretty excited about watching cartoons there!
The before picture...on his way inside for his very first haircut.

A haircut was in order for this boy!

"Someone is cutting my hair? Whatev, there is a CARTOON on! Mama is letting me watch TV!!!"

Eating Puffs and watching a cartoon...Marino is in heaven!

Mama trying not to freak out at the sight of the curls coming off!

He didn't even mind the clippers.

Final product: side view

View of the back

Front view - still plenty of curls

After his bath..."I love my new hairs, mama!"

Video of part of the haircut

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  1. Awwwww!!! He is soooo cute! I remember Alex's first haircut like it was yesterday! I was soooo sad to see all the baby hair coming off but I remember thinking he was even cuter after the cut! Like a whole new little guy! Way to go on the no tv law! My kids suffer through it too!!! Well, not the 13 year old anymore...but no tv for the lil nugget!