Friday, September 4, 2009

5 on Friday

5 special reasons I am loving my favorite boy this week:

5. His walking continues to prove every day. It's been tough to watch him fall so often, considering his already sore butt, but Marino is a trooper!

4. He cracks me up in the car in the morning. Yesterday he was saying "mama, mama" and I said "mama?" ...he looked at me and said "MA!" and started giggling uncontrollably. It's so fun to "talk" to him!

3. He refuses to sit in the bath most of the time, which is frustrating but when I tell him to sit down (trying to be stern and with a straight face), he says "uh oh, mama" and gives me this enormous smile. How am I supposed to be serious when he does that? He's too cute!

2. He was an absolute angel for his haircut yesterday. I was really proud of him.

1. I didn't realize this is possible, but he is even more adorable with a haircut! I really just want to eat him, I can't stand it!

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