Thursday, September 3, 2009

14 Months Old

I can't believe Marino is 14 months old. That sounds much older than 13 months to me! Since I gave an update last week on all the new milestones, I thought I would just share some pictures and tell you about some of his favorite things. He is now 21 pounds and 7.5 ounces, which isn't much of a change from last month, but he is now walking and burning more calories! I think probably 8 of those pounds is the boy's head!

Marino really loves daycare. He is so excited when we get there in the morning and he loves his friends. The kids and teachers there call him "Mino" which I told Evan today made me think of "minnow" and I think a little fish is an appropriate nickname for the boy. The therapists at daycare told me last week that Marino is a great addition in the room he's in since he's so enthusiastic about eating and very social.

I know this is hard to believe, but Marino is not an angel all the time. We're still 90/10 on the angel to monster ratio, but he is definately becoming more of a toddler every day. Last weekend he started swatting when he got cranky and anyone was too close (including his mama, can you believe that?). Daycare reported he is starting to snatch toys from his friends, too. Anyone with any advice on correcting these behaviors is welcoming to comment!

He has lots of toys he loves, but he especially loves balls and his Melissa and Doug puzzle.The puzzle was a hand me down from my Aunt Mary and cousin Clare (Happy 5th Birthday, Clare!). See's a wooden puzzle of farm animals. Marino loves the animals and carries them everywhere! We lost the hen on Friday night after Marino dropped it outside during the huge storm we had. He just loves the animals and likes to show them to us. He also sometimes slips them into my work bag, so I get to work and pull out a sheep!

Here he is chewing on the barn from the puzzle.
He also loves balls. He lights up everytime he sees one. I basically have to bring a ball with us everywhere we go. I learned, after our photo shoot with Shey this weekend, the smaller the better, since he wanted a huge ball in his face the whole time she was trying to take his pictures. His favorite balls are the plastic ones they sell in the grocery store in the summer. I got one for $1 on sale and that one is his favorite.

My poor boy cannot catch a break when it comes to his skin! After resolving the skin infection with a week of topical and oral antibiotics, he developed an AWFUL yeast infection/diaper rash. His poor little butt was swollen and developed a bleeding sore. It hurt so bad he wouldn't sit in the bath and was grabbing his hurt little bum:( We got a prescription for that, but we're on Day 5 and its still not looking good back there. It definately didn't help his mood over the weekend.
On Sunday, we had a visit from 2 of our favorite people: one of my best friends, Bernadette and her beautiful daughter, Sabrina. Bernadette and I have been friends since we were 13 (the same age Sabrina is now, SCARY THOUGHT!!) and she makes me laugh more than anyone else. Marino loves to laugh and by the end of the day, he was laughing at everything Bern and Sabrina said and did.

Marino's ride had some technical difficulties on our walk...

That's better!

This looks like a pretty serious conversation, right?

Nope, just laughing and having fun!!

Happy guy with some of his favorite girls!

It was really great visiting with the girls!


  1. Great post! Ask your doc for VUSION for the diaper problem. Cam Cam had ONE instance w/that and after the second application, it was GONE!
    As for the toddler patient! It is totally normal! I just held Cam's hand when she hit and seriously told her, "You are hurting Mommy and that is not nice." It was a good couple of months before it sank in. It'll pass! Great pics! Happy 14 months!!!

  2. Oh, Jill, that's funny, we're using Vusion now!! But it's been 5 days and it's still looking bad (although better).
    I try to tell him "gentle" since he knows what that means and he'll usually then stroke my face...but when he is sleepy/cranky he is not interested in gentle AT ALL! I'm going to try pulling a sad face/telling him he's hurting me and see how he reacts...