Friday, September 18, 2009

5 on Friday and a Picture

5 special reasons I'm loving my boy this week:

5. Marino is really interested in the fish. This weekend he pointed to the school of fish on the Boppy cover and then pointed to this fish in the fish tank. He now says fish like "feeesh" and it is pretty adorable!

4. Marino has a BFF at daycare, Delaney. Everytime I go pick him up, he and Delaney are off in a corner somewhere. The teacher told me he and Delaney have climbing contests! The theory that babies don't have friends is nonsense!

3. The boy is sick again, and yet, he is still a charming angel (except when he is sleepy). He started wheezing on Thursday so he's back on a nebulizer. But we went out to dinner with my cousin Carter, who is doing training in Baltimore this week, and he was great. He was charming all the other people eating in the restaurant, "chatting" and pointing out the wall decorations to them, in case they missed them. See the picture of Carter and Marino below, does that look like a sick boy?!

Congrats to Carter and his new wife, Steph, who are having their first baby (a boy!!) in January. Wish they lived closer!

2. Marino goes through phases with loving books and then ignoring them in favor of more exciting toys. Since I LOVE to read (and have since I was a toddler), it makes me all warm and fuzzy when my boy hands me a book to read to him. Lately, he has been obsessed with reading...the down side is he wants to hear the same book, "Wet Pet, Dry Pet, Your Pet, My Pet" every single time. He brings it over to me, and, if I try to stay in any position other than sitting up crossed legged, he puts his butt where he thinks my lap should be to try to get me to sit up. He is very opinionated about how we read that book. Sometimes I put the book out his reach and get another to read, but he just points at "Wet Pet, Dry Pet" saying "this, this" until I read it again!

1. We went to the pediatrician today and he has grown 2 inches since his 12 month appointment! He's now 31 inches (54th percentile). Maybe there is hope for him to be a tall guy like his daddy yet (if we looked at his height for his adjusted age, he's in the 81st percentile).


  1. Sara! I would love some recipes!!! Thanks! My email is

  2. I love your 5 on Friday posts . . . what a great idea!

  3. Hi Sara, I got here from another preemie mom's blog. I'm a new, first-time mom - DD was born in June at 33 weeks. Also due to HELLP and preeclampsia. Marino's stats are so encouraging to me right now - I'm still kind of shell-shocked. And your blog is an encouragment, too - I've subscribed, hope you don't mind. :)