Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The 4 of us (Max included) headed up to NY last week for Thanksgiving. This was the first holiday since my brother passed and it was nice to be with my family. We got lucky and had amazingly beautiful weather while we were there. We headed to the park twice on Thanksgiving to take advantage of the great day. 
My stepsister, Jennifer, her husband and daughter, Bae-Corine came over to spend the day with us at my mom's house. Bae-Corine gave Marino what may be his favorite gift ever - a Spider-Man glove that shoots "webs" (silly string) and water. To my surprise, all the kids at the playground wanted to be sprayed with the webs. They were begging for it!

They had a blast - it was fun to watch.
As always, Marino and Bae-Corine were two peas in a pod. She's amazingly patient with him. Its so fun to see them together.
Snuggle time with Gramma, watching Sid the Science Kid.
The next day we went to Benedict Farm Park - what a gorgeous place. We had amazing weather again.
Grampa Ray and Daddy went fishing (it was too cold to catch anything, but they were going through fishing withdrawl).
Friday afternoon, we headed over to my dad's house for a couple of days. We had a great time - Marino loved hanging out with his Pap Pap!
More pictures from our trip coming soon!

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