Thursday, December 27, 2012

God Bless the Children

I think since the tragedy in Newtown, all parents have been experiencing some trepidation about being separated from our children and concerned about how to keep them safe. The Tuesday after the Sandy Hook shooting, we got a call from Marino's school that their parking lot was being used as a staging area for a SWAT team for a police situation in the neighborhood. Not very comforting, I literally felt sick even after being reassured all was well. Its hard to accept that we live in a world where innocent children are gunned down. 

I felt disheartened until Thursday morning, when I took Marino to school. The kids were all dressed in red and green for the holidays and they were listening to Christmas music. They danced, held hands, twirled, fell on the floor, laughed and enjoyed themselves. It was a beautiful moment and it warmed my heart. Here's a few pictures I took from that morning. They make me happy!

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