Friday, December 7, 2012

5 on Friday

As always (except lately), here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week: 

5. The other day, Marino dumped his hamper of dirty clothes out in his bedroom (he needed the hamper for hiding). I went in his room and asked why he did that. Immediately, he started putting the clothes back in and said "When someone does something naughty, you still love them anyway."

4. I asked him the other day what we should get Max for Christmas. He shrugged and said "Um, I don't know. A bone or something?" (Poor Max unfortunately doesn't have enough teeth left for a bone).

3. The other night I was reading Marino "I'm a Shark" by Bob Shea (our favorite book of the moment) and he told me "I'm not afraid of sharks because I'm a [last name] and [last names]'s aren't afraid of anything. If a shark tried to eat me, I would hit him in the eye and then throw him into space and aliens would blast him, but not with pewing things, Mommy, with arrows. And then he wouldn't try to eat me anymore."

2. At our friend Alex's house the other night, before we ate, Alex said a prayer. Following suit, Marino blessed the food by saying thank you for everyone in his family, in Alex's family, and saying "thank you for my soul." We haven't begun to talk to him about God yet, so I found it surprising he would say that. God must have put that on his heart to share. Pretty special.

1.  I picked Marino up from school Wednesday and he announced "My sweater is wet, but not because I peed on myself, because I was playing with the land and water forms." I had to get a teacher to explain what "land and water forms" are (Montessori thing).

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