Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in South Carolina

On the morning of Christmas Eve, we got up very early and headed to South Carolina to visit Evan's family. Aunt Chelle came with us, which was a tremendous help. She was able to keep Marino entertained and make our drive a lot easier. We got there quickly (6.5 hours) and were ready to relax. On the way there, I told Marino we were going to see friends and he said "See Jen? See Megan?" (who are my girlfriends).

Evan's family is very special. They all genuinely enjoy each other's company...a get together with the family is like going to a party with all of your best friends. In each generation, the "kids" are extremely close - quite literally they are the best of friends. It's really great and I hope Marino has that kind of relationship with his cousins (when he finally has some!).

Of course, Marino was spoiled rotten on Christmas. Presents were overflowing from the tree, all for Marino who was the only child there with 18 family members. I think he was overwhelmed from all the gifts - we took a 3 hour nap together on Christmas Day!

Here's a video of him playing with a gift from Pop Pop (his great grandfather) and Donna on Christmas Eve. He loves this toy!

Some pictures from Christmas morning...

Aunt Ann checking out Marino's tunnel

All the family
(L to R) Mikey, Mike, Rich, Dexter, Evan, Don, Monique, Krissy
Ann, Pop Pop, Donna, Debbie, Ronnie
Rianne and Richelle
One with me - Marino was not in the mood for picture taking
My two wonderful sister-in-laws - I love them!
Trying to take a picture with Marino...not easy!
Unfortunately, our trip home was a lot more difficult. We left early Sunday morning, hoping to beat the snow storm. Instead, we ended up in the middle of it. It took us 12.5 hours to get home. At one point, we were completely stopped in North Carolina for over an hour. Kids got out of their cars and had a snow ball fight. I would be happy to not see the inside of my car for a while!
I can't believe Christmas is over already! Looking forward to warmer days ahead...

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