Monday, May 24, 2010

Special 1st Birthday Party

Preemie moms have a special bond, a sisterhood of sorts, based on our unique shared experiences. A year ago, my former boss, Chris, posted pictures on Facebook of his preemie daughter and I contacted him to let him know if he or his wife wanted to talk about preemies, the NICU, etc, I was here. His wife, Carol, and I formed a special friendship after that. They live about an hour away from us, so I hadn't gotten a chance to meet Carol or their daughter, Cassie, in person until this weekend. They were sweet enough to invite us to Cassie's first birthday party.

It was so great to finally meet Carol in person. We shared a great big hug - she's an amazing mom and it was so great to meet her on this joyful day, when her very happy, healthy and beautiful baby girl was turning 1. It was really great to see things come full circle.

The birthday party was at Gymboree and Marino LOVED it! He had so much fun and was a total ham at the party.

The happy birthday girl, Cassie.
Catching some bubbles

Chris and Cassie

Marino loved wearing this hat...he insisted on wearing it until we got in the car.
The birthday girl and her wonderful parents
Cake hands!
Happy family

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