Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fish Fry!

As I mentioned last week, on Saturday Evan fried up the fish that everyone caught when they went deep sea fishing. If you never seen one, this is what a fried fish looks like.
Yep, too much like an actual live fish for me to be able to eat. But the consensus is the fried fish was delicious. We were lucky that lots of our friends came by to visit with us and take the fish off our hands, including Evan's good friend, Ahmad, who is just home from a looong deployment in Afghanistan.

Here's some of the couples: Gina and Brian, Donna and Ahmad, Evan and I, Rahsaan and Tara
All the kids...this is the reason I know Marino won't be lonely as an only child...

All these kids belong to 5 couples (and 2 are only children)! Check out the mirror -that's my favorite part of this picture!

The guys
More guys
The ladies
Jahvon...his mama does this little head tilt when she's posing for pictures, so this is what he does when he sees a camera.
Ahmad, Jahvon and Donna
Family head tilt pose
My tired boy and I...note the fist around my hair, a common sight when the boy is sleepy
Tara and Raiden
Love his hair!
More head tilting
Anthony - he's getting so big
He was cruising everywhere!
It was a great evening with great friends! Marino and I were so tired when we got home!

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  1. Looks like a great time. How fun to have all those couples to hang with and all the kids to play together.