Friday, May 21, 2010

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. Over the weekend, Marino stubbed his toe in the tub while kicking his legs like a maniac. He said "ow" and I kissed his toe, so then he said "ow" and "it hurts" about 20 more times because he wanted more kisses. It was cute. Even cuter was when he woke up overnight and wanted a bottle (yeah, I still give him a bottle at night, sue me). As he was falling back asleep, he lifted his foot towards me and said "ouch", wanting another kiss:)

4. At swim class on Sunday, I brought Marino into the bathroom with me. After I flushed the toilet, he said "Yay Mommy!!" and started clapping for me.

3.Marino's current obsession is "Finding Nemo". He likes to narrate the movie for us and gets VERY excited about it. He LOVES Dory and will go stand next to the tv and yell "Come on, Dory! Go, Dory!"

2. Evan went deep sea fishing over the weekend. When he came home, he showed me his cooler full of fish and I made a sad face and said I didn't want to see the fish anymore because they made me sad to see them like that (with their little faces). Marino looked at me and started to cry, saying "Mommy's face!!" I guess I have to reserve that sad face for important matters!!

1. My mom sent me an email Sunday afternoon that said:
This morning we cuddled with the blue striped blanket while he drank his bottle and I said it was cozy. He looked at me and said "what cozy?". I said it means comfortable and warm; he seemed to understand that. He's so smart!

That evening when I was giving him his bottle, he said "blanket" and when I covered him with it he said "aw...cozy":)


  1. Marino is a very smart little boy! He always amazes me!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA I love #4!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!

  3. So adorable!!! I love the need for more kisses and nope won't sue you over the bottle. lol because we're headed there. He won't drop the night feeding! and I love LOVE his understanding of the word- cozy. I <3 him!