Friday, February 3, 2012

Hot Peas N Butter

You know those experiences you wish you could bottle up and keep them forever?
Last Saturday was one of those days. Our local library hosted a Hot Peas N Butter concert and we had such an amazing time. If you're not familiar with Hot Peas N Butter, definitely check them out. They are a NY based world music band for kids and their music is awesome (even for adults). After some last minute working of my contacts, I was able to get tickets for Marino, my mom and I, Sydney and Jen and Ariana and Karen.

The kids had so much fun. Marino and Sydney were the first ones up and dancing. They were the life of the concert.

Here they were singing into the microphone!
Ariana was rocking out, too! Karen and Hot Peas N how Ariana is so intently listening to the conversation!

These two were quite the love birds this day...Marino with Francisco and Danny (aka Hot Peas N Butter)
Such a fun day...we all headed to ChickFilA for more playtime after the show. I wish we could do it all over again this Saturday!!

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