Friday, February 3, 2012

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. One of Marino's latest "tricks" to get us to laugh is to hold up something under his nose (a finger, a piece of fuzz, my hair) and say "Look at me! I'm Mr. Marino."

4. Our dog had a cancerous mass removed from his side last Friday. When he came home on Saturday, he had six stitches in his side. Marino took one look at him and said "Oh no! I think Maxis is cracked!"

3. On the way to work the other day, Marino said "Oh no, Mommy, you've got to get in front of those cars!" (that were driving in front of us in traffic). "I can't just get in front," I said, "We have to wait our turn." "Oh, okay," Marino said, "Tomorrow it will be your turn to be the leader?"

2. Marino moved into the Primary class at his Montessori school this week. I was a bit concerned with how he would do with the change, but he's doing great and I got lots of positive reports about how focused he's been.

1. My mom and I were talking yesterday about how much Marino likes for everyone to be pleased with him. He always asks if we are happy. He'll often say things like "I listened to my teachers today! You will be so happy!" or "I pooped in the potty today! My Daddy will be so happy!"

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  1. I always want everyone to be pleased with me, too. I try so hard to please people all the time, and I hate when people get upset with me, and I am very sensitive.