Friday, February 10, 2012

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5. I've been leading a preschool storytime at a local independent bookstore in town (I plan to post details about the storytimes I've done, I just haven't gotten around to it yet). Last week's theme was love/Valentine's Day. I asked the kids to introduce themselves and tell me someone they love. Marino thought for about 2 minutes before he responded with "I love Quintyn, my brother." Also sweet - I gave the kids heart shaped lollipops before I started reading. After I gave them out, Marino said "Hey, Mommy! You forgot to give lollipops to the mommies!"

4. Later the kids decorated these heart shaped ornaments for Valentine's Day. Marino finished his and presented it to me, saying "I made this for you, Happy Valentine's Day." Then, twice he decided he needed to add more decorations so he went back to the table, finished it up and represented it to me.

3. Marino made the Peapod delivery guy's night on Friday. When he arrived, Marino said "Hi, I'm Marino." "Marino? That's a nice name," he said, "My name is Stefan." Marino said "Stefan? That's a really good man name." I think Stefan was pretty pleased with himself...

2. One of Marino's new buddies at school is a little girl named Ellen. When I came to pick him up the other day, he said "Ellen, say hi to my mommy." "Hi, Mommy" she said. "No, no, Ellen," said Marino, "This is not your mommy, it's my mommy. So you just say 'hi, Marino's mommy'". Ellen must be used to dealing with Marino, since she was unfazed by this conversation. Yesterday when we were leaving, he shouted down the stairs to her "Bye, Ellen! You will miss me so much!"

1. Yesterday when I picked Marino up, his friend Ike was upset about something. As we were walking out together, Marino said "You want to hold my hand, Ike?" Ike said "No, I want to hold my mom's hand." "I will hold your mom's hand, too," Marino said, taking her hand, "Then we can all hold hands together."

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