Monday, February 27, 2012

Catalina Turns 4!

Two weeks ago (before the start of a new plague in our house and my slacking on blogging), we headed to New Jersey to celebrate Catalina's fourth birthday. Sonia put together a "fairies and pirates" themed party - complete with a very fun treasure hunt that the kids really enjoyed.

I just love this birthday girl. How sweet is this face?
Marino was really digging his pirate hook.

"argh, ladies" (as Marino thinks the phrase goes)
Hunting for treasure

Cutie pie Siena...she and Marino are becoming quite the pals. She has no problem keeping up with him.
Singing to the birthday girl

Eating cupcakes and being silly

Baby Alana getting into the fairy theme...
Like I said, these two are becoming BFFs...there were a lot of these adoring looks over the weekend...
A princess and a Kindle
Happy baby!
Great weekend with our favorite people!

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