Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special Christmas Visit: Bernadette and Beena

Monday afternoon, my friend Bernadette and her daughter Sabrina came to visit. Normally, we would have seen them while we were in NY, but they were visiting Bernadette's parents in North Carolina. It was great to see them and Marino was loving the attention.

Tuesday, we all went shopping. Can I take these girls shopping with me all the time? We went to the mall and within 20 minutes they found me 2 pairs of jeans that actually fit my bizarre proportions (seriously, it usually takes me several months to find 1 pair of jeans that fit me, since there is a 16 inch different between my waist and hip measurements). Not only did they find me 2 pairs of jeans (and a pair of boots), but the jeans were on sale for $16 a piece! Best shopping trip ever! Marino was really good, too, he kept calling for his "Beena," as he calls Sabrina. We all had lunch together and then Bern and Sabrina left to visit Sonia in NJ. Marino literally passed out in the car within 2 minutes of me buckling him in his car seat!
I wish we all lived closer!!

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