Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Weekend and Sick Again:(

Our first snow fall of the season came this weekend. Marino did go outside and ate some snow but I didn't get any pictures. He could only go out for a few minutes, since his asthma seems to act up in even moderately cold weather. He did tell me the snow was "pretty" and he learned the word "snow."

Sunday we had a busy day. First we went to visit my friend Sarah and her daughter Claire. Claire and Marino hadn't seen each other in a while so it took her a little while to warm up to us. Soon they were old chums again!

After lunch and a nap, Marino and I braved the mall to get him a haircut. Randomly, Evan's cousin Joyce and her grandson Landon were checking in at Cartoon Cuts ahead of us! That may not seem that strange, but we live in a county with 1 million residents, so the fact that we were both in the exact same place at the same time is pretty unusual! Marino and Landon play well together, so it was great having a playdate since we had an hour wait!

Here's Landon and Marino waiting to get haircuts
Marino tackling Landon (do boys just have wrestling engraved in their DNA?)
Marino after his hair cut. She cut a LOT off but I know his curls will be back within 2 weeks, so I won't waste any energy worrying about it.
We also did some quick shopping. Marino was loving the mall (I don't think we've been in at least 6 months). Of course, he was deathly ill within 24 hours, as is the case everytime we go to a public place, but I'll get into that more below.

After another quick nap, we headed to PF Chang's (yay for gluten-free menus!) for Aunt Rianne's 19th birthday dinner. Marino was a complete monster! I assummed it was b/c he was tired from our day, but I now know he had an ear infection. My apologies to PF Chang's patrons on Sunday night!!
Cousin Krissy, Aunt Rianne and Aunt Chelle

Aunt Ronnie and Grammy Deb
Marino and Daddy
On Monday, I got a call from daycare that Marino had a fever. I was certain he had an ear infection, since he was on day 10 of a runny nose and he had been a monster the night before. We went to the doctor and confirmed the ear infection. But he also had laryngitis and a cough. She was worried about croup, which hasn't appeared yet. I have him back on the nebulizer every 4 hours (albuterol and pulmiocort) and she proactively prescribed an oral steroid in case his breathing gets worse. He's also on antibiotics for the ear infection (which will inevitably lead to a bleeding diaper rash).
Monday night was rough. I gave him a bath to help bring his fever down and he started shaking uncontrollably. All night he kept waking up and moaning or screaming. He was obviously very sick. Tuesday, he seemed somewhat better but he was obviously still feverish and not eating. Today, Aunt Chelle was nice enough to take care of him for us so Evan and I could go to work. He was much more playful and cheerful today and even ate! The cough (wet and productive) and laryngitis are still there but no fever. I'm planning on taking him back to daycare tomorrow.
It's definately hard for me to figure out what's best for him. I literally feel like every time we go to a public place, he's come down with a virus within 24 hours. Part of me says he needs to build immunity and part of me says maybe it would be better to build immunity in a few years, when he could potentially have outgrown his asthma (I can dream, can't I?). We were able to avoid any major respiratory issues with this virus, so that's a good sign that his lungs are getting stronger.


  1. I hope Marino is feeling better soon. Brandon is back on the nebulizer again too. Spring can't get here soon enough.

  2. I hope Marino is feeling better now! These poor little guys and this stupid winter...argh, I hope Spring comes early!

    And I struggle with the "do we stay active" or not...We recently joined The Little Gym for socialization and maybe to help jump start his expressive language and I KNOW that's where he caught this cold, and I also realize it won't be the last he catches from there...what's a mom to do?