Friday, December 11, 2009

5 on Friday

5. Marino's vocabulary continues to expand almost daily. He's even learning multiple words/ways to communicate the same concept. For example, he now has 3 ways to ask for milk. He knows the sign for it (he learned this first). He also says for a "bobble" (bottle) and now he's learned to say "milk" as well. This morning while I was getting him dressed, he signed for milk, then said "bobble?" and then asked "milk?" I guess he figured if he asked me a number of ways, I would finally get him what he wanted!

4. Marino understands so much now. His receptive language is pretty amazing. I would say he probably seems to understand 75% of what I tell him, the biggest exception being anything having to do with emotions, which is a fairly abstract thing I don't expect he will understand anytime soon. A cute example is when we went to the doctor on Monday, she was telling me to be on the lookout for croup. "If he starts a barking cough, that's how you'll know its croup," she said. Marino suddenly started saying "woof woof woof woof." :) How nice of him to demonstrate for me, huh?

3. The boy has started making sound effects to go with his kisses. So if he blows you a kiss, or give you a kiss, he says "MUAH!" to go a long with it ::heart melts::

2. Marino loves to be outside. Here he is on Tuesday, sick as a dog, but still in his little nook, longingly looking out the window. He kept saying "aside?"

1. This picture is not posed. Marino likes to watch Yo Gabba Gabba in the glider and tonight he climbed up there by himself with his 2 favorite things: his new football and the remote!

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