Friday, July 24, 2009

The Mose Knows Where the Nose Goes!

As you've read below, this week has pretty much sucked. Basically, every night I saw Marino this week, he was overtired, itchy and crabby. But tonight he was delightful! We had a lot of fun after work playing. We were playing with the Laugh and Learn Puppy and Marino kept pointing to it's nose. I asked him "Marino, where is Mama's nose?" and he turned around and touched my nose! Then I asked him to show me the Laugh and Learn Puppy's nose and he did! Later, when Daddy was home, he asked where Max's nose is and Marino showed him!

Marino is a such big boy now. He successfully transitioned to the "waddler" room at daycare (12-24 months, but he is the youngest by 6 months). Is it strange that I cried after dropping him off there this morning (today was his first full day in the waddler room)? He's growing up too fast! I think that transition has added to his exhaustion this week - there is a lot to see there! Hopefully, when he wakes up tomorrow he will be more comfortable than this morning!

Edited to add: he also knows ears!

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