Thursday, July 30, 2009

Allergy Testing Results

On Wednesday, we had Marino's allergy testing done. If you're unfamiliar with the process, they have a serum for each allergen, which they scratch into the skin next to where they have marked the skin with a number correlating to the allergen. They check the results in 15 minutes. I had Marino tested for the most common allergens (milk, wheat, eggs, soy, dust, mold and dog) and some other things I was moderately concerned about. They don't generally do the full panel of testing on babies, since it's difficult to find room on their skin (they use the back, so the baby can't scratch it and there's only so much room on a baby's back!). Marino was great - he didn't even flinch during the test. And the results were.....he's only allergic to eggs (we already knew that, of course). I was relieved. The doctor told us we should also get a blood test, but after discussing with our pediatrician, we're not going to do that. We know he gets sick if he eats eggs and we know that the histamine appeared during the allergy test - there's no clear reason why we need to subject him to a blood draw when we know we can't feed him eggs right now anyway.
We will likely have him retested at age 4 and also tested for nuts, shellfish (which I am deathly allergic to) and pollen at that time.

Wednesday night, Marino and I met my friend Megan for dinner. Megan and I met when we took a social planning class together and she discovered I didn't know what decoupage was. She took me under her wing to teach me about the world of crafting:) Megan makes really cool jewelry and she made a beautiful necklace for my birthday (thanks, Megan!). If you're in the market for affordable, handmade jewelry, check out her etsy shop

Marino loves "big" kids and they seem to love him, too. At dinner, these two adorable random children arrived and entertained Marino. They were so sweet! The little girl (she was 5) kept using Marino's bib to wipe the drool from his mouth (she is an experienced big sister). She kept telling me "he keeps looking at me like this" and imitating Marino's "cheese" face. It was very cute and Marino was eating up the attention.

When we got home, we had a special visitor waiting for us on the door frame. Isn't he cool? How often is a praying mantis waiting for you at home?

Friends, Marino has a true addiction. Seriously, he needs an intervention. His drug of choice? Peach flavored Puffs! He could eat about 800 of these in a sitting if I let him. Evan tried them and he concurred they are delicious.

This last picture of him makes me very sad. I know, I am totally neurotic, but doesn't he look very toddler-ish in this picture? His favorite teacher, Sherry, told me today she thought his face was looking very different in the past week and I really see it in this picture ::sob::

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