Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cousins, Cousins and More Cousins

We were lucky enough to get a chance to visit with a bunch of Marino's fellow baby cousins over the weekend. Marino is so blessed to have so many friends his age! On Friday, we went to Ms. Weaver's to visit with Evan's cousin Ahmad's wife and kids and his cousin Rahsaan's family.

Here's a picture of Raiden, who has started to walk around (he's a little less than 10 months now).

And here is Donna, Ahmad's wife. Isn't she gorgeous? I wish I looked half as good as she does and she has three children! Jahvon is in the picture with her - he's now 8 months old. Ahmad is currently in Afghanistan, where is a helicopter pilot in the Army. When Donna shows Jahvon a picture of his Daddy on her phone, he kisses the picture! Unbelievably cute!!

Here are all the babies in their various stages of crawling.

And here are the mamas and babies. Isn't Jahvon's face here priceless?
(all the pictures are "shiny" since chicken was frying in the kitchen, making the lens sort of foggy)
On Saturday, we had Marino's 12 month appointment and then we were off to Pacey's 1st birthday party. She and Marino are only 12 days apart (although they were supposed to be 7 weeks apart!). Pacey is always happy and adorable and her party was no exception.

Here's a shot of Miranda (my cousin and Pacey's Mama) and Marino.

Pacey's first glimpse of her cake...

Here's Pacey enjoying her cake.

The aftermath...

Evan holding the new toddlers...

Daddy and Marino

After Pacey's party, we went back to Ms. Weaver's to spend some more time with the other cousins before Donna and her family went back to North Carolina. We gave Marino his first corn on the cob and he really enjoyed it!
I can't believe summer is half over already and I will be back to school (read: no more fun weekends) in September:(

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