Friday, July 17, 2009

Emo Baby, Emo Mama and Some NMR Updates

It's been interesting to see Marino's personality to develop more. He is actually a very sensitive guy. I had noticed that he is very troubled by other people's sadness...he'll cry if Evan or I cry or pretend to cry and he gets really concerned if a friend at daycare is crying (and won't focus on anything else). But he's also started to get really sad if Evan or I say "no" in our serious mom and dad voices. He doesn't get frustrated (we know if he is because he throws a mini-tantrum)...instead there is a 3 minute transformation where every part of his tiny face crumples up, the lip comes out and he starts wailing like he lost his best friend. Very heartbreaking but we only use the "no" for serious offenses (the latest on that comes to mind is snatching his spoon from my hand and throwing it while I was feeding him). I wonder if he will always be sensitive...

Speaking of sensitive, I had a terrible "working mom" moment on Friday. When I went to pick Marino up from daycare, he CRIED when I took him from the arms of his favorite teacher, Sherry ::sob::. I gave him back to her and he was happy as a clam, snuggling with her. I pretended to leave and when I came back he reached for me, but, wow. That really broke my heart and made me wish (even more than I normally do, that I could be a stay at home mom for now). Ouch. All moms long for the day their newborn starts to prefer them over everyone else...I didn't realize this wouldn't be the case 100% of the time:(

This is NMR (Not Marino Related), but on Wednesday, we had a baby shower at work for my friend, Monica. You may remember she is the one who went into PTL at 29 weeks in June. Well, she is off bed rest, back at work, and doing a great job of keeping Baby Vincent safe inside her! I'm looking forward to meeting Baby Vincent...once he gets to 40 weeks gestational age!

Here's a couple pictures from the this picture she is showing off her special sugar-free cookies (she has gestational diabetes)

And here she is showing off her bump (she's still tiny...I could carry her in my pocket)

Evan, Marino and I went to visit Sandra, Ishmael and Baby Anthony on Wednesday evening. He is so precious. Marino would giggle every time he saw him (maybe he wants a sibling? :) j/k). He was sleeping peacefully the whole time we were there. I forgot how sweet newborn babies are!

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