Friday, June 21, 2013

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week: 

5. Marino got a bad scrape on his knee a couple weeks ago. This week, he told us in the car one day, "My boo boo is getting better. The skin has crinkles in it again." 

4.  Question of the day from my boy: 
Marino:  "What do angels do?"
Me: "Um...they watch over people...keep an eye on them."
Marino:  "They watch over all the continents? Africa? Asia? Even New York?!"

3. Bathtime conversation...
Me:  "Marino, you're getting so tan!"
Marino: "What does that mean?"
Me: "Tan? Oh, you know how people's skin gets a little darker in the sun? They get more brown." 
Marino: "How did Daddy do that?!"

2.  We had a playdate/bbq with Alex and his family last Friday. Marino had a bad report from camp that day, so we told him no tv. At one point, Alex's little brother Ryan was crying. 
Marino said "I cheered him up and made him feeled better. I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Now can I watch tv?"

1.  We went out to dinner on Tuesday.  We were all getting to-go boxes, when Marino called the waiter over and asked "Can I have some chicken in a box?" 

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