Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome 2011!

I'm very behind with this post, sorry! Marino gave me his cold from last week, so I have been extremely tired and congested this week. For some reason, even though school is DONE I feel like I still have way too many things to do every evening. Enough complaining. It's a new year!! Last Friday, we headed out to ring in the new year with Jen, Matt and the kids. We had a great time, although Marino only made it to 10pm. Sydney was a party animal, of course. At midnight I woke Marino up to go home, but he passed out on the couch before I got his coat on. I wish he slept like that at home!
Sydney, Jen and Justin, ringing in the new year!

Beautiful girls

This is nearing his pass out time....note the polar bear pjs
Sydney was adorable with this horn...she is always willing to pose for me:)
She realized the horn was blocking my view of her pretty face, so she turned it to the side.
Happy New Year!!
After midnight...Sydney finally got sleepy
This is how Marino ended the night

On New Year's Day, we headed over to Grammy Deb's house for a delicious dinner.
Here's Aunt Ri Ri, Grammy Deb, Sammy, Marino and Evan

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  1. Precious pictures Sara! I hope that 2011 is a great year for us all. I have missed everyone so much!