Monday, January 24, 2011

Visiting Friends

The weekend before last, Marino and I went to visit Sonia, Wil, Cat and Siena. As always, it was great seeing them and Cat and Marino always have lots of fun together. Wil was nice enough to watch all 2 kids so Sonia and I could go clothes shopping by ourselves, which was awesome! We always have such a great time seeing them and we're looking forward to seeing everyone again in a couple weeks for Cat's 3rd (!!) birthday.
After dinner, the kids got these gigantic lollipops and were REALLY excited about eating them. Marino is pantsless because we ate pho for dinner which is messy since he insists on eating it with his hands.

Later, the kids decided to play "night night"

LOVE this picture of all 3 of them!
Nena wakes up!

Marino wakes up!
The next morning, Sonia and Wil took turns "scaring" Marino and Cat. Toddlers are easily entertained...they were "scared" the same way about 30 times, but they certainly enjoyed themselves.

Can't wait to see our friends again soon!!

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