Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I am loving my boy this week:

5.  I go to the gym early, before the boys are awake. The other day I came home and Marino was awake and waiting at the top of the steps with his arms open, wanting a hug. 

4.  Marino uses strawberry or orange toothpaste and he is obsessed with having me smell his breath to make sure it smells like fruit. Seriously, he'll come downstairs, walk up to me and say "Smelling time!" The other morning morning he told me "My toothpaste wears off by the time I get to school. One time I had my friends smell my breath and it was ew! My breath stunk! Can you believe it? "

3.  When we got to school the other day, he asked his buddy Jace "do you like my logo tee? It's like a computer logo in real life."How does he know the word "logo" or that the pixilation in the logo is indicative of a computer? 

2. Marino and I had the following conversation the other night: 
Marino:  "Mommy, how did I get in your belly?" 
Me:  "Remember, you told me. The love energy?"  
Marino:  "Mommy, don't get mad but I just made that up. I wasn't lying, but I made it up." 

1.  The other night at bedtime, Marino asked me how people get viruses. Next he asked me what a computer virus was and how computers get them. Too complex of a conversation for bedtime!

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